Sunday, August 21, 2011

SLEIGH (Second Life Equestrian Inclusive Grid Hunt) Now accepting applications!

The First Annual SLEIGH hunt is now accepting applications!

All equestrian-related businesses and organizations are invited to apply. All animators, builders, fashion designers, tack makers, carriage makers and more are invited to apply - all that is required is that your gift must have an equestrian theme. some examples (hardly inclusive ) could include corrals, fencing, barns, jumps, riding togs, equestrian-themed jewelry, helmets, boots, fence sitting poses, saddles, bridles, and so on. They can be designed for the use with any sort of horse, be it breedable, wearable, anthro-equine or full horse avatar.

No adult content and no kiddy content, please, and the hunt will be limited to 100 vendors. For complete details and the on-line application form, please visit the SLEIGH Merchant page at

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