Sunday, August 21, 2011

SLEIGH (Second Life Equestrian Inclusive Grid Hunt) Now accepting applications!

The First Annual SLEIGH hunt is now accepting applications!

All equestrian-related businesses and organizations are invited to apply. All animators, builders, fashion designers, tack makers, carriage makers and more are invited to apply - all that is required is that your gift must have an equestrian theme. some examples (hardly inclusive ) could include corrals, fencing, barns, jumps, riding togs, equestrian-themed jewelry, helmets, boots, fence sitting poses, saddles, bridles, and so on. They can be designed for the use with any sort of horse, be it breedable, wearable, anthro-equine or full horse avatar.

No adult content and no kiddy content, please, and the hunt will be limited to 100 vendors. For complete details and the on-line application form, please visit the SLEIGH Merchant page at

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Merchant Connection

By: Spooky Mistwallow

Phoenix Welles seems to think of everything. And this time it was long overdue. The Merchant Connection not only brings our vast community together, but consolidates the people who need to be in the right place at the right time - an who rarely seem to be. With Phoenix's vision, the people having that cool fair that is perfectly what your store makes will be right there in the group. And you'll actually get the application before the fair is over because you're in the group too! Where's that hunt application? Does anyone sell striped socks? All there. All together. Networked.

See past notices for the info or drop a note on Pho